Undertale 2

All fans of Undertale were impatiently waiting for its continuation. And here it is – but the developer released the second chapter with a strange title – Deltarune. However, if you study the name more attentively, you will find out that it is only a smart anagram to the original. You will play for the character named Frisk, who unexpectedly got into serious trouble. Your only task here is to help him survive and get out of numerous troubles he meets on his way. The boy will face unbelievable monsters who are just waiting to lull your vigilance and grab you. The most interesting detail is that you will always have to make the right choice – to fight with your enemy or try to resolve everything in a peaceful way. Not all of your enemies are so dangerous as they look like and you can find a common language and talk with them. There is also a new thing in the plot in this sequel. The player will have to answer a whole glow of seemingly unimportant questions. But your replies will influence the further development of the story. The features of the main hero largely depend on how you replied to most queries.

Once you are done with this part of the game, start your trip in the fantastic underground world. Endless adventures await you. You will see familiar antagonists and completely new personages. And this time, you are not alone here. There will be two more heroes in your team – it is Susie, a girl from Frisk’s school and the prince of the dungeon. All your actions build a story, they set the direction in which further events will develop. Even one your deed can dramatically change the events in this underground world. And of course, it depends only on players how they will end this incredible adventure as lots of options are possible. Go through numerous locations and pump your hero to make him smarter and braver. Will you be able to complete the mission and save this dull kingdom? Enjoy new game features and a completely new combat system – now you will confront three enemies at the same time. But if you make right decisions – you should not be afraid of any monster! Accept the challenge and decently complete it!

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