Sans Simulator

If you played Undertale and loved it, you surely remember the main characters. One of them is especially memorable – and it is Sans. Who is this hero? It is a monster designed in the form of a skeleton. If you remember the original well, in one of the final scenes, the player must confront Sans in one of the most difficult battles in the entire game. It is not an easy task as the antagonist is known for his agility. This simulator was developed based particularly on this part of the plot. It is a fight between the human character and the monster. And what is more interesting, in this entertainment, you can play for Sans. Your mission is to save the underground kingdom from the ominous influence of people. Are you strong enough to take on this role and protect your virtual world? You should help Sans pass all the tests of numerous levels and survive. Although with his character it is quite real – the skeleton is evil enough. He is so determined that he is ready to destroy everything on his way and hit the target. And it is your main purpose in the game as well. How to do it?

You will have to develop the best strategy yourself! The gameplay is built in the usual form for Undertale. One party controls the movement of the heart in a restricted space, and the other sends various spells on it in order to kill. Explore all their features and create the most extraordinary combinations to quickly destroy the heart. There is no online multiplayer yet, but you can play together with your friend using one keyboard. The feeling of rivalry and competition makes the whole process even more exciting. The developer of this simulator allows you to change the appearance of the main character to your liking. There are well-known personages from the original plot you can play for. The controls are very easy, and you can also set the heart in different regimes, changing the style of the battle. This engaging game can be even called a short summary of Undertale where you can realize different scenarios and experience all possible endings. There is no other plotline than continuous fight, but you need to be really inventive to become a winner. But it definitely better to try it yourself, so do not waste any more time – dive into this thrilling adventure now!

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