Siren Head

The fans of horror games know well that monsters can be very different even if all of them have common features. With some of them, you will interact with amusement and fun, while others will make you feel blood freeze in your veins. Do you have enough gut to meet such an antagonist? Then welcome to Siren Head. This character was invented by a popular artist Trevor Henderson. The appearance of this creature speaks without words and makes player feel uncomfortable – it is a huge transformer tower with a humanoid body, long arms and two siren-shaped heads that are hiding extremely sharp teeth. When the creepy beast notices his victim, he begins to make strange and terrifying sounds. There is not much information about this monster, there are only some unclear mentions that people saw a very strange creature in the forest before. But no one dared approaching too close to him. And now, the main hero will have a chance to see everything with his own eyes.

The events start to unfold when a group of students decided to go hiking during the summer vacation. But unfortunately, the main hero got lost. You will be completely alone in this great forest and have to confront a terrible creature living here. Now, all your thoughts should be focused on survival. And there is nobody around to help you. How to survive when the bloodthirsty enemy is just looking for a favorable moment to attack you? How to get out if this ill-fated place? You will need all your ingenuity and logic to develop a workable strategy to remain alive. There are many tests and quests to solve if you want to realize your plan. The main task is to explore everything and move quietly and be careful. The antagonist has perfect hearing, and any rustle can end up with unpleasant consequences. Outwit the enemy and get valuable information how to run away. All locations are really creepy – they are so dark that you will not always understand in which direction to move. The monster may appear in front of you when you expect least to see him. And the sound he produces will feel with fear even the most daring player. The atmosphere is so gloomy that you always feel anxious. Accept this challenge now to see whether you will be able to avoid the painful ending. And do not underestimate the Siren Head opponent – these thrilling adventures only start and the creature will keep chasing you in other locations as well. So good luck!

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