FNF Vs Undertale

In this thrilling mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend have been teleported to some unusual place where they have never been before. When they start to explore, it turns out to be a dungeon. Very soon, the guys understand this is the mystical Undertale world inhabited by all sorts of monsters. They need to find a way out as soon as possible if they want to remain alive. But the meeting with enemies is inevitable. And this is where Boyfriend will need your help. You know well that the hero’s main weapon is music. So whenever he faces a monster on his way, he will have to invite him to a dancing arena and defeat in a rap battle. It does not look too complicated, right? But you must already know that in case the hero fails to repeat the rhythm, he will lose the right to continue dating his lovely Girlfriend. And it will simply kill him. Boyfriend is both scared and worried and he really needs support. So listen to the music and help him move, repeating every beat. Once he manages to keep his progress bar green till the end of each song, no monster can destroy him. And there will be lots of them, so your musical skills are badly needed. Show your talent once again in this thrilling mod and neutralize all the monsters!

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