Undertale is one of the most mysterious indie games. What is it about? First of all, it is an adventure with a constant fight between good and evil. Long ago, people and monsters lived next to each other as peaceful neighbors. But once, some minor quarrel broke a war between them. Monsters lost this battle and were driven from the surface of the earth and locked in a cave under the mountain. There was no exit from the underground, only a little entrance remained at the foot of one mountain. A lot of time has passed since then. According to the plot, one very curious child happened to walk there and occasionally fell into the hole that served as the entrance to the forbidden dungeon. He could not get back to the surface, and therefore was forced to explore the unknown world. This is where the intro ends. Now you have to control the character and influence the further development. Yes, now the story entirely depends on your decisions, choices and actions.

Globally, three strategies are available to you -peaceful scenario, neutral ending or genocide. In fact, there are many more of them, because the Path of Neutral ending is split into several more sub-paths. The key idea of this game is that you yourself create your path, bringing good or evil to others. And the fact that the protagonist is a child is not at all accidental. It symbolizes a blank sheet on which you will write your story with your own hand. The creator conveys the idea that the path of violence and bloodshed should be avoided at all means. Moreover, he shows it through the dialogues of the characters. Looking at the jumping letters in the replica of a dying monster, the player will immediately feel his pain, suffering, agony. And then the screen turns black, and the small white heart remains on it, symbolizing the soul of a defeated enemy. Having experienced this, in the next battle you will think several times before becoming responsible for a new death. Between the battles, the hero will have to explore endless labyrinths, solves puzzles, and even make friends. Zest of the game is that there is no clear division of characters into enemies and friends. All personages you meet are full-fledged individuals with their past and background. They are connected by friendly, family, romantic relationships. And it is only your decision that will make them friends or opponents. You can try the game using different approaches until you find the best for yourself.

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