FNF Vs Huggy Wuggy

Even when it seems that things go quietly in FNF, it will not last long. And you will soon see it yourself in a new mod. This time, Boyfriend was checking something in the ventilation and suddenly noticed he is not alone in the shaft. But it is not a bird or a mouse! Everything is much scarier. The main character will face a real monster. Take a closer look and you will easily recognize him! It is a blue shaggy giant that escaped from Poppy Playtime horror game and now is searching for his next victim. Once Huggy Wuggy has heard about the FNF musical series, he immediately decides to have some fun. The creature has no doubts he will win a rap battle and reach Boyfriend with ease. Such hide-and-seek entertainment is exactly what the monster is fond of. But everyone knows well that the smile on his face is rather ominous and the crazy toy squeezes to death anyone who happened to be caught by these huge paws. So Boyfriend is in big danger, and there is only one method to get rid of this bloodthirsty antagonist. The main hero will need to challenge him to a music fight and win it. Do not be fooled by your opponent’s size and awkwardness. He is more that gracious when it comes to dancing. Now your task is to control the Boyfriend’s movements so that he does not miss a single beat of the music. Only ideal performance will help him to win this confrontation and destroy this dangerous antagonist forever. Good luck!

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