Sans Simulator 2

Welcome to a new fun adventure in the Undertale style. If you remember the original story, a small kid fell into a fantastic underground world one day. And there is no way back for him until he passes a complicated way across this dungeon and meets lots of various creatures. Some of them are dangerous monsters. And this simulator is devoted to the confrontation with one of the scariest ones – Sans. It is a strong skeleton that is ready for everything to protect his home from people’s intrusion. Actually, the player can choose who to help – a child or a bony creature. Once you are ready to start, you will be immediately transformed into a black battlefield. Now, the next step is to select the level of difficulty and choose the weapons. If you play for a monster, you will find lots of options on the menu – all kinds of blasters, pistols, knives, blades, clubs and sledgehammers.

But if you decide to play for a child, you will have only a knife. Choose your hero, and the fight will begin. Every confrontation has a level of health and energy, so watch these indicators so as not to fall in battle at the most inopportune moment. If you play for the heart, be very careful when you approach your opponent – he will wave all his bones trying to poke inti the heart and take away the energy. The heart will try to resist the attacks of the skeleton with a cigarette in his teeth. To do this, it moves through one of the dungeon rooms and changes color. So it is vital to predict the next step of the antagonist. If you play for the monster, the main idea is to bring as much harm to the kid symbol as possible. But if you stop and think about the plot of the original game, you will immediately recollect the main idea the developer wanted to deliver to players. Sometimes, violence is the way to nowhere. Only a peaceful approach can bring positive changes and lead to a friendly outcome. So maybe the skeleton is not so bad after all? Can a cruel monster transform into a friend? Hurry up to join Sans Simulator 2 and find out everything yourself. You will like the dynamic gameplay and the ability to influence its development. No matter what role you choose, good luck!

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