Undertale Last Breath

Welcome to a fan-made game based on Undertale. You have got one more chance to get out of the gloomy underground world. Last breath is an alternative story to the original plot of the arcade. Your main character will not change – you will still play for a human who is depicted as a white heart during fights that symbolizes his soul. And your mission is to defeat a treacherous skeleton Sans who will appear in different designs. But do not hope that this bony character is so easy to deal with. In this chapter, he will be helped by an assistant. It is a mysterious man called Gaster. Your task is to carefully make your way forward and protect your hero from various obstacles. There are three phases in this game.

In the first one, you meet Sans that looks exactly the same as in the original release. He is strong enough and is going to stop you. At the end of your confrontation, you have two options – to feel sorry for the antagonist and let him go or attack him. If you choose the latter option, then you will immediately go to the next phase where Sans will appear injured and armed. Even you hit him further, you will not be able to kill him as Gaster will lend him a hand at the very last moment of your battle. Now comes the bloodiest part of the game, in which you will finally have a chance to kill Sans despite all the efforts of his friend. But it is too early to celebrate your victory. It turns out that two other monsters were listening to and watching everything behind the scene. And very soon, you will be trapped by Flowey! And this is the moment where your hero may die, and the author will explain why. The genocide route does not bring anything good to anybody around and players must finally realize the thin boundary between good and evil. The seemingly simple game touches very serious questions to ponder on.

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