Have you enjoyed the Undertale game? Then you will be delighted to know that its author released a continuation – Deltarune. In the second chapter, all events unfold parallel to the main story. Here, you will be able to meet both familiar characters and completely new heroes. And even some horror elements have been added now. Everything starts with a really creepy cut scene where you will recognize most of the participants. Then you wake up and go to school, and you will see yourself among the rest of the creatures of this world. Surprisingly, but now, all monsters live normal lives on the surface and are busy with their daily activities. Events run pretty smoothly until a new character turns up – it is Susie. You follow her and soon find yourself in a rather strange place – a dungeon. The gameplay will immerse you in a chain of endless fights, where you will once again confront the most powerful and creepy antagonists.

You will have to carefully explore multiple locations and find useful items. There are a lot of questions to find answers to. The players will appreciate the fascinating story, where the development of events will directly depend on their actions and decisions. You will pump your character as you like, but the plot will become more complicated and you need to have enough strength to progress. You will love a new combat system – the developer added new functions and options for the story unfolding. You will face even more monsters, and in order to learn their strong and weak sides, you must have enough experience. You will interact with many old personages – Sans, Papyrus, Chara and others. The main difference from the first part is that you do not act alone here. Now you have Susie and you will also meet the price of the underground world. But the confrontations have also become more difficult as now you will fight with three enemies at the same time. You will also need to get experience points, health and find weapons. The player can move around different locations. From time to time, you have to solve puzzles, in which you usually need to find a password of three suits. It is not clear enough whether it is a sequel or prequel to Undertale, but Deltarune can be played absolutely separately. Here, you can never predict the outcome as it depends on all your previous behavior so the intrigue is kept till the very end! Start this incredible adventure now!

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