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Years ago, the Earth was ruled by people and monsters. But one day they started arguing and fighting. Humans finally got advantage in this confrontation and locked all monsters in the underground world. All exits were blocked. Now only one entrance to the dungeon remains – a hole in the Ebbot mountain. And in this game, you will play for a character who fell into the underground simply by chance. Now his main task is to get out of this place inhabited by dangerous creatures.

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About little heart

Your main hero is a human kid. What’s interesting is that it has no clearly defined gender. So it is up to you whether to consider it a boy or a girl. Moreover, you can even give him a nickname you like. Later in the game we learn the possible name of the hero – Frisk. When a player only starts his trip around the underground world, he meets two monsters – Flowey and Toriel. The former one suggest you should kill all the enemies you meet on your way and earn experience points. By the way, he wants to kill the hero himself and steal his soul. But the latter character saves Frisk and shows a different way to move on. It is a peaceful route, where the kid learns to solve different puzzles and settle all conflicts without any violence. In this case, the hero can even make friends with some of the monsters and even find out the reason for their cruel war with people. As Frisk moves on, lots of other antagonists will appear on the way. Once it still comes to a battle, the main hero will transform into a small heart symbol. You will have to move the heart to escape the attack. And furthermore, the color of the heart can change and activate different features of your hero.

Fights or diplomacy?

As it has been already mentioned, you can pass the game in different ways. Based on your choice, there three endings possible – neutral, peaceful and genocide. It looks that the easiest option is to get rid of all opponents by killing them. But in this case, you will yourself turn into a merciless monster, won’t you? The developer of the game intentionally makes a little kid the main character. And it is then offered to the player to give him some coloring. Once you choose the way of violence, you will have to ruthlessly eliminate all antagonists. But what will you achieve? You will yourself become one of them. As it turns out, it is much more difficult to solve conflicts in a way of negotiations. But if you choose this approach, you will understand that not every monster in front of you is an enemy. All these antagonists come with a unique story, and you can even make friends with some of them. Anyway, you have full freedom of action, and it is up to you how you will find the exit from this terrible place. You can even try all of them for the most incredible playing experience.

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